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  • Problem-solving
  • Life skills / strategic life planning
  • Managing college
  • Learn valuable study skills
  • Referral to campus resources
  • Learn tips for utilizing DegreeWorks successfully
  • Time management

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Are you looking for the Peer Mentor program (student to student)?

Success Coaches

Cate Strain
Lead Mentor/Success Coach

Carla Warner, Ed.D. 
Lead Mentor/Success Coach

Blaine Wade, MCM
Lead Mentor/Success Coach


C2112, General Studies Building, Blountville

 Questions a Success Coach Can Answer

  • I've been "purged". What do I do now?
  • How many classes do I have to take every semester to receive TN Promise?
  • Can I drop a class without losing my TN Promise?
  • What’s the GPA requirement to keep my Tennessee Promise?
  • How do I get a tutor?
  • How can I balance work and school?
  • How do I study more efficiently?
  • How do I improve test-taking skills?
  • How do I find study groups?
  • How do I use D2L?
  • What is the deadline to submit my service hoursfor Tennessee Promise?
  • How do I compute my grades to see my GPA for the semester?
  • What if I want to change my major?
  • How much more time/credits to graduatewould it take me if I change my major?
  • When is the FAFSA completion date?
  • How do I decide on a major?

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What is a Success Coach?

Success Coach is a professional staff member who provides a broad range of services to students to help them be successful in college.  They monitor a student's progression, provide connections to support services, and help students develop plans and strategies to be successful.  In some cases, they may provide academic advising and registration assistance.

What is a Peer Mentor?

A Peer Mentor is a successful current Northeast State student who interacts directly and regularly with other Northeast State students seeking personal, social, and academic support. Under the direction of the College’s Mentor Specialist, peer mentors provide advice and support.  They may also help students identify goals and connect them to services. 

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Northeast State Community College, a Tennessee Board of Regents institution, is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. For questions or concerns, please contact the Affirmative Action Officer.

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